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We're all familiar with the classic, rock comedy musical "Little Shop of Horrors" taking place inside the fictional Mushnik & Son’s Flower Shop on Skid Row in New York City. It’s not just popular within the film and theater industries, but also amongst florists and botanists worldwide. But connecting the two worlds has never been done before - until now.

In the summer of 2018, Lead Producer Jacob Stuckelman reached out to Doreen Culver-Foss, owner of Bool's Flower, with the idea to present Little Shop of Horrors inside her store. After months of meetings and discussions, Bool’s was on board, our creative team was up and running, and we were ready to make this idea become a reality. 

To make this production happen, we needed $18,000. This production took place in a non-theatrical venue, meaning, there were no prior resources to help bring this production to life. This production was entirely self-produced. The future of this project was up to the public. Bool’s Flower Shop was the beginning of our amazing journey into the world of site-specific theater.

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Bool Flower's Shop 209 N Aurora St, Ithaca, NY 14850

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Little Shop of Horrors was presented through special arrangement with Musical Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performances are also supplied by MTI.