Keep up-to-date with the latest news regarding the site-specific production of Little Shop of Horrors!


M. Johnson Photography


Little Shop of Horrors at Bool's Flower Shop premiered on April 24 to a fully sold-out run, including extension dates. 

The show was produced by Jacob Stuckelman and Ben Fleischer. They are joined by director Alisar Awwad, music director Daniel Mullarney, choreographer Maria Scherer, lighting designer Christopher Perrone, sound designer Rachel Kriedberg, and scenic designer Corey Field.

M.Johnson Photography - Bool's -


On March 23, the cast and crew headed down to Bool's Flower Shop to take promotional photos for the production. This was an exciting time for all involved because it was the first time everyone could finally envision what the show might look like with a full cast.


Photos were taken by one of Bool's lovely staff members, Meredith Johnson. 



As part of our Scenic Designer Corey Field's vision for the set of the show, he decided to install two repurposed barnwood panels on opposite sides of the shop. This allows for full functionality for Bool's during business hours, and flexible shelving storage for props during performances.


The first panel was installed on March 10 and the second on March 17.